Miss Georgia Forward (ribbon_scythe) wrote in blackasianlov,
Miss Georgia Forward

Wow, this actually exists?

This comm needs a bump. So I'm giving it one.

Yes, I never thought I'd find other black girls who feel the same about Asian boys as I do, but, hey, this is the Internet, you can find anyone with similar interests.

The long story of how I got into Asian boys is can be sumed up in one sentence: I never limited myself to finding love/lusting after people of one race. Which means I find a man of any race attractive when it is so. My latest fetish just seems to be Asians. And who can blame me, what with Bi/Rain, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Hyde, All of Dir en Grey, Miyavi and Gackt being among my favorites. Asian men are just the secks. Yes they get an alternate spelling of sex they're so awesome.

And it's not just their celebs, the delicious flight attendants at the Japanese airline or the ones at the Host Clubs that are hot...the "average" Asians get me going just as much. Like this grad student at my college...ugh, I swear if he's married/engaged/has a girlfriend I will probably cry. He's just always so adorable sitting in the library typing his papers, pushing up his glasses in that endearingly dorky way...it helps that he's really hot. And we all like good looking and smart. What can I say, when it comes down to it, I love cute dorks, you know, the ones who are going to obsess over the Wii with you, and take you to see Miyazaki films and go with you to cons and cosplay with you. Yeah, I love dorks. All the dorks around me are Asian, and well they are just so easy to love. From what I hear, Japan is full of dorks for me to love and squee over.

I just really hate when people are like, "Um...you...a black girl...like Asian guys?" I do, and why not? Narrow minded morons...

And I'm also here because I just can't seem to kick the Gackt habit and I need someone to sympathize with me. That man is...gorgeous in every sense of the word. I have a celebrity crush on him and it just won't go away! >_< I was "off" of him for a good two months and then I ventured over to gackt_daily and then I had to watch Moon Child because I hadn't seen it...and now I'm all celebrity crushing on him all over again. This is starting to get stupid. I'm sure I'll get over it if I rant, rave and then write about it. It always happens, once I write about a relationship (or one I want) I put it in perspective and it will go along as it should (either it will fizzle out, or it will progress). Maybe I'll write about that Grad student and work up my nerve to talk to him instead of looking at him over my laptop.

And I'm seriously craving udon...I want it baaaaad...
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Welcome, sorry ,my commuity is kind of dead but now since I have time I can work on it. Yes asian guys are awesome my love is Toshiya from Dir en Grey yes he is teh sex and so is Kyo heheh.
Right now I have a date with a nice Korean man next week and then I'm going to be in Japan for 2 months for study and if all works out who knows I may have a boyfriend ^___^.
Yes OMG Gackt, I also hate it when people are like your black shouldn't you like Black guys gahhh some people are so closed minded.


May 17 2010, 21:47:33 UTC 7 years ago

I totally understand!

Though i'm not in college yet.
I'm black too (with african roots) and I'm into
asian stuff. I like Korean stuff actually.

narrow minded morons indeed