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Hey everyone I didn't know I had a memeber thats why I didn't post of this commuity. First of all I love asian men and yes I'm a black girl. So to start off what do you guys like about asian guys? or guys what do you like about black girls. For me I like asian hair, and looks.
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Asian Love


March 14 2009, 03:49:18 UTC 7 years ago

Hey i'm also a black gal and i also love asian guys. i like their style and hair. someone like Rain or Mike He, they are so damn sexii! gosh!They gotta have that slim muscular bodies of theirs thats so hard and hot. I like all types of races and rite now i'm also into asian guys. i watch asian dramas all the time because to me it shows more emotions that can make me laugh or cry... wat i'm i doin i'm chattin on and on...probably boring u rite now.Anyway its good 2 know that there's someone out there who feels the same. However i want to adress one issue. I don't think most of asian guys are attracted 2 black chicks. If u kno one i would lik 2 kno. Again, I LOVE ASIAN GUYS!