Gothchick25 (lovlybabygirl16) wrote in blackasianlov,

Pictures guys

Hey guys I was looking at the H.naoto website when I found pictures of a very hot Japanese moedel. ^^
He looks so hot in the clothes I thought I would share. Hopfully I'll see some guys as hot as he is in Tokyo this summer ^^.

I love the last one mostly because I love that shirt. Hopfully if I get a boyfriend I can put him in it ^^.
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Asian men are the hottest!! I SWEAR DBSK and Super Junior are....drool.......asian men seem to have the most alluring traits a girl could ask for. They are cute, hot, smart, dorky...everything a girl could ask for. black dudes some are smart and cute or have a baby mama/baby. Don't get me wrong some of them are like WOW..but I find Asian men preferable.^_^ I like Miyavi better than Gackt.
wuts the guys' name?
he's a cutie
HI my name is sarabell3233! im black as well and i love asians as well!!!!!!!! im so glad i found someone who is interested in the same thing!!!!!!! i always get so discriminated for likin asians!
i really wanted to talk to you on here but sadly my computer is actin up, whenever i try to create an account my computer freezes up havin glitches and junk, don't know what's happin, but anyway i was hoping that since im not good here i have other account, websites that we can talk on. my account on there is: Salairreous323, my account on there is: Sarabell3233 and Valairreous323 but im mostly on my sarabell3233 account. my email is sorri for writing so much but im very much excited to talk to you! very much, im not gay or anything im just very surprised to meet someone like me is all! please talk to me!!!